XMPP is an open technology for real-time communication, which powers a wide range of applications including instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, voice and video calls, collaboration, lightweight middleware, content syndication, and generalized routing of XML data.


node-xmpp is a set of JavaScript Node.js, io.js and browser modules to work with XMPP and/or XML.

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If you you'd like to chat, contribute or help, please join us in our XMPP chat room node-xmpp@conference.dukgo.org.

  • Use Node.js/io.js conventions, especially EventEmitter, ie. for write buffer control
  • Fast, node-expat was written for node-xmpp
  • XMPP component
  • XMPP server with C2S, S2S, BOSH and WebSocket support
  • XMPP client with TCP, BOSH, WebSocket transports and browser support
  • Modules and libraries decoupling, resusability